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Temple of Eve // 2021

Digital and screen print on linen, wood.

Amid the quarantine in my studio, I examined solitude from social, gendered, and creative contexts, which raised the question, “What occurs within the solitude of a female creator?”. In my artistic process I created an alternate mythology to the story of creation in Genesis, in which Eve is the sole creator of the world, and built her a temple. The creative process started with gouache paintings and traditional animations of the days of creation, which became the iconographical base of the project. The installation includes three digitally and hand printed embroidered tapestries, a canopy altar with a wooden chest showcasing the animations, and a book of sacred texts.

Debut exhibition - 15/7/2021, Shenkar College of design graduate show, Israel.

Photographs by Ahikam Ben Yossef & Roni Cnaani

Making of the Temple of Eve // 2021

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