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Beyond the object:

A global print designers collective

Global print designers collective manifesto:


In this time of global change, we wish to tell the stories of the moment through the power of print.


Who are we?

Designers and artists who work in the field of prints and textiles in its various forms: Screen print, relief print, digital print, machine embroidery, risograph print and more, and we aim to push the limits of independent print production. We utilize mixed media, combined techniques and experimentation, bold colors, and fantastical figurative imagery to tell stories that break through the printed surface.


What are our values?

Global design with local, small scale production.

Communicative design through storytelling.

Utilizing the power of print in the modern world.

Breaking closed borders through creative conversation and collaboration.


What is our method?

We work in 2 month design cycles, with the first month being dedicated to gathering materials and concepts by each designer - texts, sketches, photographs and references of the story they wish to tell from their point of view in their corner of the world. At the end of this month, the collective meets online to discuss their work and process, and then sets off to the second month where they design the final product. The individual designs of the collective members are then promoted globally by the members as a group.


What do we promote? 

By creating a network of independent designers and small scale printing manufacturers, we enable more localized production and delivery of printed goods from around the world, thus challenging globalized methods of production which cause harm to the environment and to local economies. 


Why do we do it?

Independent textile and print designers need more options to develop their work and outreach, that utilize the power of modern printing tools without compromising quality, creativity and sustainability. A global industry shouldn’t harm the world in its path, and local industries shouldn’t die out from lack of ambition and outreach. Designers should be able to create ambitious work from the very beginning of their career.

A call for members was sent to individuals who were interested, and 4 designers began a mini design cycle.

On the 4th of July 2020, a video meeting was held to discuss the project, and share the work.

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Scroll to view the collective member's design process:

anina project@0.5x.png

"This little zine is based on activities that you can do at home without going out too much. The activities might help you to slow down a bit and enjoy processes that you usually don’t have time for. I sketched over twenty pages with super relaxed brush lines which goes in contrast with sharp outlines of interior. I add some smiles and faces to things because in this time full of masks we cannot see any. All the activities will be supplemented with a little text, so you can be sure what’s really on the pictures or how I practice the particular activity. Hopefully it can inspire the reader to do the same and help them to stay sane during this weird time.“

shlomit project@0.5x.png

"I designed this scarf/napkin to reflect the way we have changed our relationship to intimacy and closeness in the pandemic. I took inspiration from a napkin from 1960's Israel, depicting the folk dance of Hora which symbolizes unity and togetherness, and brought it into our current situation where togetherness can be harmful and cause fear and anxiety. I staged photos of me and my mother doing activities that emphasize closeness and distance, and sketched symbolic images of our personal struggles in this time, with texts of my anxious thoughts. The scarf design is color separated and ready to print as a scarf to dance with or wear, or napkin to wipe your tears or clean your hands with.“


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